Powerblok suits applications and industries that require long-life energy storage solutions. Powerblok is a solution with low maintenance costs, capable of high peak loads.

Flexible Energy

Powerblok solutions optimise energy usage during peak times, by storing grid power in off-peak periods for use in peak load periods or high-cost periods. 

The stored energy can be utilised as power for your equipment and facility or by being sold back to the grid at a premium.

Energy as a Service

Rent or lease your Powerblok. Access efficient energy and renewable energy without having to purchase equipment outright.

Capital Investment Deferral

Powerblok enables you to deliver on future energy demands now without sunk capital cost that would go into conventional energy infrastructure. 

Existing electrical infrastructure that has become aged and undersized for the needs of utilities and large-scale industrial sites requires significant capital investment to cater to future requirements. Powerblok moves to where you need it most, targeting your key challenges at a low comparable cost point.


Powerblok is well suited to provide a cost-effective, and secure environment for production hardware. All solutions are bespoke to ensure they provide value and required ROI for customers.

Disaster Recovery

Easily established either as a permanent or a portable energy supply in a disaster recovery environment, Powerblok provides the opportunity to design the system to specific requirements. Giving easy access to flexible, stored emergency power.

Grid Support

Grid Efficiency

Energy Arbitrage

Ramp-Up / Fast Frequency Response

Optimise Energy

Rapid DC to DC electric vehicle charging

Specific Engineered Solutions


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